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Flower Leaves

The Time Capsule session was specially created for families or couples looking for in-home documentary photography. Time Capsule sessions are longer than my other sessions, super relaxed and most importantly, artfully candid! I act as a fly on the wall as I document you and your family at home in a 'day-in-the-life' photojournalism style. 

During Time Capsule sessions I make sure to include lots of artful detail shots around the house so the final gallery acts as an heirloom album to preserve fleeting moments - for a lifetime and beyond.

Time Capsule Sessions

When it comes to photographing people, it's prompts over poses.. always!

I want to capture you and your loved one's real smiles, real laughter and truly authentic personalities. I believe in natural light, I believe in movement, I believe in storytelling, I believe in the art of noticing. I believe in finding beauty in the offbeat, the imperfect and the emotion. I am a memory preserver. I 'stop time' with my camera.

I am an artist. Let's make art.

Session Style

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