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Hey, I'm Nicolle!

Flower Leaves

My name is Nicolle and I am a storytelling artist.


The moment I first stepped foot in the darkroom of my high school film photography class, it was game over - I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Fast forward to present day, with a photography degree and a business of my own, photography is more than just a passion, it's my way of life.


I capture those raw, unposed and real, in-between moments. I transform life's mundane moments into artful portraits - the ones you didn't know would be so important in six months or a decade from now. If you're looking for light, bright and airy photographs, you won't find them here - moody, grainy and soulfully warm is my aesthetic. I see things from an inspired and offbeat point of view and capture it in an artistic photograph to admire for an entire lifetime.


"Coming home from a session and looking through our photos is like waking up to a million presents on Christmas morning"


When I'm not shooting, you can probably find me outside! Hiking, camping, biking and swinging in my hammock in northern MN are some of my faves. I also love Thrifting, Halloween, Year-round iced coffee, Naps, Art, Agate hunting with my partner, Trevor, and walking my Springer Spaniel, Ruben, in our native city of Saint Paul, MN.

Flower Leaves
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