Nicolle Danùs is a freelance photographer, retoucher and visual artist based out of the Twin Cities. Nicolle focuses on creative portraiture, specializing in documentary family photography and high school senior portraits. Nicolle creates works of art customized to families and individuals who intend to tell a unique story through imagery. These photographs are taken from an offbeat and artful point of view to create one-of-a kind, creative images to admire for years to come. 


"A true digital time capsule"





Born in Monterey, California; Raised in St Paul, Minnesota, I have been involved in photography for over 6 years. My mother, a muralist, introduced other forms of art such as drawing, painting and collage at a very young age, therefore art became a way of life. 

Throughout high school, I excelled in Honors Art, Photography, Graphic Arts and Creative Writing. I now hold a Visual Communication Technologies Degree specializing in Photography.

Some other interests of mine are: Animals, Hiking, Roller Coasters, Thrift Shops, All things vintage, Halloween, Napping and Flaming Hot Cheetos.


"My eyes are tiny camera lenses. I absolutely cannot fathom doing anything else with my life. I know I was put on this earth to take photographs."


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